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Aging in Place

Adapt Your Home to Better Suit Your Needs

Being able to live independently in our own home and community as we age is the desire of many older adults. Accessibility and safety are important factors when considering whether to age in place. 

At Seniors Living Well, our first step is to assess safety risks in your home, next we create a plan, recommend solutions, and implement modifications. We help achieve your goal of not moving anywhere but improving your quality of life.


What We Do

Simplify Your Lifestyle

Seniors Living Well will assess future needs of living independently, or with in-home assistance. We will also create a safe home environment to reduce home safety risks.

Repurpose Existing Space

Seniors Living Well will create a floor plan and furniture layout to repurpose existing space to function better for your current needs. 

Monthly Maintenance

Seniors Living Well will explore home care maintenance concerns, and implement a monthly maintenance schedule. We will also research and vet home contractors and other service providers. 


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