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Organizing and

We offer expert skills and compassionate approaches. 

Addressing a life’s collection of treasures is not a task to be completed over a weekend.  Physical and emotional obstacles burden us when deciding which items to keep or designate to new homes.  If we have children, there is a good chance they do not want anything. Many of the treasures in our homes do not even belong to us which can add another layer of frustration and stress.  

Sorting through memories can be a lengthy process if done alone. At Seniors Living Well, we offer expert skills and compassionate approaches. We will streamline the sorting process, and advise which items should be donated, sold, repurposed, or discarded. We help to simplify your living space so it serves you better.  

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What We Do

Evaluate Items

Seniors Living Well will evaluate items to keep in the home or relocate to a new residence. We will also advise on items to be donated, sold, repurposed, or discarded. 

Arrange for Profitable Disposal

Seniors Living Well will arrange for the profitable disposal of unwanted items through an online auction, estate sale, consignment, donation, or a combination. 


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